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Sensory-Friendly Santa Claus is Coming to Town! 2023 Holiday Locations

Kris Kringle, Saint Nick, Father Christmas, and most commonly known as Santa Claus – is a fixture of the December holiday season for many. Seeing Santa Claus, his magical reindeer, and his hardworking elves is an annual tradition for many families; however, not all children are happy to visit Santa. Visiting Santa, whether at the mall, a community event, or another holiday celebration, can be an overwhelming experience for children. 

For children with autism, a visit to Santa can be even more challenging. Many children on the autism spectrum have sensory sensitivities and a visit to Santa can be very overwhelming, filled with loud noises, bright lights, big crowds, long lines, and even sometimes smells. These things can make it extra challenging for parents to bring their child or children to visit Santa. 

But just because your child has autism, it doesn’t mean they can’t visit Santa. Making things easier on parents and children with autism there are “Sensory-Friendly Santas” all across California! 

Here are their locations for the 2023 Holiday Season.*

*Please be aware that many of the Sensory-Friendly Santa Claus events will be taking place on Sunday, December 3, 2023.

Greater Sacramento Area Sensory-Friendly Santa Claus Locations

San Francisco Bay Area Sensory-Friendly Santa Claus Locations

Central California Sensory-Friendly Santa Claus Locations

Southern California  Sensory Friendly Santa Claus Locations

Los Angeles County

Orange County

Riverside County

San Bernardino County

San Diego County

Santa Barbara County

Ventura County