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7 tips for a meltdown-free Christmas morning.

7 tips for a meltdown-free Christmas morning.

The countdown to Christmas is on! There are only 10 more days to go. To help ease you into the “Big Day,” we are sharing expert tips to help you and your child with autism better manage the holiday season. Today @BeamingHealth is discussing 7 tips for a meltdown-free Christmas morning.

Christmas can be overstimulating for autistic kids. Avoid loud music, burning candles, or other unnecessary stimulation like itchy Christmas sweaters or uncomfortable outfits to reduce stress.

Ensure your child has eaten, rested well (hard to do when Santa is coming, we know!), and has used the restroom (or gotten a diaper/pull-up change) before opening presents.

You can use books, pictures, or social stories to share with your child what to expect on Christmas. For example, a picture schedule can show that your child is having their favorite breakfast, opening presents, having quiet time, and visiting Grandma.

Christmas can be an exciting and joyful day, but it can also be a little overwhelming for children on the autism spectrum. There are lights, sounds, new toys, squeals of glee, and maybe some houseguests or travel. If you want to ensure your autistic child has an awesome Christmas without the overwhelm or stress, check out our best tips for a meltdown-free Christmas morning.

  1. Let your child know what to expect in advance
  2. Keep the basics of your child’s routine the same
  3. Make sure your child’s basic needs are met
  4. Take breaks as necessary
  5. Give the right gifts
  6. Avoid excess stimulation
  7. Pick a different travel day

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