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Autism Treatment Programs

In-Home Autism Services

We provide early intervention autism services customized for your child’s unique needs. Our team of compassionate and experienced clinicians specialize in delivering autism therapy in the home – your child’s natural everyday environment where learning is greatly enriched.

Why Our Approach to Early Intervention Autism Care is So Effective

Our autism treatment solutions combine the best of highly personalized in-home therapies for children as young as 18 months old and up to 6 years old with technology that makes communication between parents and therapists easy. We call this the Opya Way. Children who experience our ABA therapy program become more effective communicators, learn appropriate behaviors, and become more self-reliant in preparation for the next step in their journey: elementary school.

Our ABA providers have years of experience providing in-home early intervention autism therapy. We specialize in developing care plans that address each child’s needs at their specific level of development and prioritize empathy, patience, and a willingness to adjust services to the child’s needs. When children feel safe and comfortable, they learn to express themselves and interact with others in a way that allows our therapists to get to the heart of communication and behavioral difficulties that may be inadequately addressed in group settings.

In-Home Autism Care and Telehealth Options

In-Home Autism Treatment Programs

With our approach to in-home autism therapy, we empower children diagnosed with autism to establish positive behaviors, improve communication, and build social confidence.

Why an in-home autism treatment programs may be the right choice for your child:

  • The comfort of home – When children participate in traditional autism treatment programs, they are usually in a new environment with new people. This can be overwhelming and make the learning process more difficult. When children receive services at home, they are in a familiar setting where they feel comfortable, which can help them to learn more effectively.
  • One-on-one attention – When children are in a therapy setting, they are often grouped with other children who have similar needs. While this has its benefits, it also means that they may not always get the one-on-one attention they require. When children receive services at home, they will have the undivided attention of their therapist, which can help them to learn more effectively.
  • Schedule – In a therapy setting, children will be required to adhere to the schedule of the program. This can be difficult for some children, as they may not be able to stay on track if they become overwhelmed or overstimulated. When children receive services at home, the schedule can be more flexible, which can help them to learn more effectively.

Telehealth Options

In addition to in-home ABA therapy, with Opya’s multidisciplinary approach, accompanying services such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Feeding Therapies, can be included via telehealth in your child’s treatment plan and from the comfort of your own home.

With our specialized autism services and direct communication between parents and our therapists, we ensure our entire team is working with you to optimize your child’s progress.

Care Plans Personalized to Your Child’s Specific Needs

Our in-home ABA therapy involves creating custom individualized autism behavioral therapy plans backed by research. While there are many autism treatment solutions available, we specialize in early intervention ABA therapy with children as young as as 18 months old and up to 6 years of age.



We Make it Fast and Easy to Start Your In-Home Autism Services

Starting in-home autism services takes a few steps after you receive a formal diagnosis of autism for your child.

Step 1: Our Getting to Know Your Child and Intake Completion

Speak with our Client Services team to determine if your child would benefit from our early intervention autism therapy model. Complete our intake process which includes a courtesy check on your insurance coverage to ensure treatment is covered.

Step 2: Assessment and Treatment Plan Creation

One of our board-certified clinicians will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your child to develop a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to your child’s specific needs.

Step 3: Care Team Assignment and Ongoing Treatment

Receive a therapy schedule for your child, meet your clinical care team, and begin daily treatment sessions. We will also provide regular parent trainings and resources to support you in your child’s treatment journey.

Our autism treatment solutions also include regular parent and family training to ensure we are optimizing your child’s development.

Autism Diagnosis

Before your child can begin early intervention ABA services (where the expense is covered by insurance), an official autism diagnosis is required. Opya can refer you to diagnosticians available for autism evaluations.

Stay Connected with Our Mobile App

Our in-home autism behavioral therapy goes hand-in-hand with our mobile application (iOS and Android). You can easily stay connected with your child’s clinical care team, manage your therapy schedule, track the progress of the in-home autism treatment, and access helpful hints and autism resources that can make everyday tasks easier to manage.

By providing you with a range of autism resources that accompany our ABA services, our goal is to build a foundation of support that leads to optimal long-term success and prepares your child diagnosed with autism to make a smooth transition to elementary school and beyond.

We Accept Most Major Insurance Plans

Your health plan likely covers an autism evaluation and autism therapies such as ABA behavioral therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. Health plans work with a network of preferred providers and offer coverage for ABA services.

We currently accept the following commercial health plans for our comprehensive autism therapies:

and other major carriers.

Learn More at Opya Care Today

Whether you are a parent seeking support for your child diagnosed with autism or a healthcare provider who would like to refer a child in your care, Opya can help. We are here to support as many children diagnosed with autism as possible in Northern California (San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Sacramento Area, Central Valley) and in Southern California (Orange County). Call us at (888) 300-6792 to get started.

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