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Delta Air Lines Offers an Inclusive Experience for Autistic Travelers

Child with autism on airplane

Delta Air Lines revealed an array of resources to travelers taking to the skies with autism spectrum disorder.
As part of the Passenger Accessibility Commitment, Delta and airlines around the United States worked with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to make flights more accessible for adults and children with cognitive disabilities.

One way the carrier is helping people with autism is by providing familiarization tours at airports in Atlanta and Minneapolis. Families have the opportunity to practice in a hands-on environment the process of traveling through an airport in preparation to travel.

“Every time we’ve flown, they’ve always made sure that we could board early with her and let her get situated,” Christina Hanson, the mother of an autistic child, said. “They come to check on her often to see if there’s anything that she needs, they bring extra snacks.”

Delta created sensory rooms in Atlanta and New York that can be accessed by ticketed passengers based on individual needs. Other airports have also added sensory rooms, including facilities in New York City, Seattle, Atlanta, San Diego, Pittsburgh, and even Dublin, Ireland.

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