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Your success today is the result of a promise we’ve made as a team and as parents. A promise to our children that “you can be anything you want to be.”


Matt McKenna

Vice President of Engineering & IT

Suchi Deshpande

Vice President of Product Mgmt & Design

Sanimata Kautai

Senior Director of Human Resources

Judy Mccrary Koeppen

Director of Speech & Occupational Therapy

Marina Rothway

Director of Behavioral Health

Scott Swan

Director of Recruiting

We’re here to help you get anywhere you dream.


Judy Koeppen

Director of Speech & Occupational Therapy

Elizabeth Porter

Speech Therapist

Elisa Thurman

Speech Therapist


Madeline Houghton

Clinical Manager - BCBA

Kristen Sorenson

Clinical Manager - BCBA

Adrienne Aguilar

Intervention Specialist

Anjanette Aquino

Intervention Specialist

Amy Hofmann

Intervention Specialist

Stephanie Nguyen

Intervention Specialist

Founder’s Note.

Whatever challenges we face in life, nothing’s quite like raising a child. There’s no manual, no training period, just honest hard work and intermittent bouts of wonderous joy. So surrounding ourselves with like-minded parents is important to the Autism journey. At Opya we’re transforming care by empowering parents and caregivers with cutting-edge, communication tools. Helping you traverse Autism treatment with confidence. We won’t stop until you find your family’s pathway to greatness.

Jonathan Wright

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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