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Autism Awareness Month Activities for Schools & Businesses

April is Autism Awareness Month. During the month of April, autism advocates around the world work to increase understanding, awareness, and acceptance of people with autism through stories, education, and other activities.

As part of an effort to build a more inclusive world for individuals on the autism spectrum, national organizations encourage participants to come up with Autism Awareness Month activities for schools, businesses, community centers, and more!

From showing support with buttons and pins to educating the public, here are some popular ways for schools and businesses in your community to celebrate Autism Awareness Month.

  1. Wear blue
  2. Host a fundraiser
  3. Give out sensory toys
  4. Organize an autism awareness spirit week
  5. Organize an anti-bullying campaign

Click here to visit Crestline for even more ideas on how you can celebrate Autism Awareness Month this April!