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Are Video Games Healthy For Children with Autism?

Why Video Games Are Healthy For Autistic Children

Can Video Games Be Good For Children with Autism?                                                                                                          (courtesy of Toca Boca)

In our modern age, children are spending a lot of time on digital devices — cell phones, tablets, and video games. There is still discussion on the right amount of time to spend on these devices. Some suggest that children should spend as little time as possible on them, while others think that putting the focus on a healthy relationship with them is better. However, much of the discussion surrounding digital devices and gaming has been on neurotypical children. Children who are living with autism may find themselves left out of the conversation a lot, and they deserve consideration.

On one hand, it appears that games and technologies are a source of learning, engagement, and play for children with autism. On the other hand, children with autism can become so focused on video game play that they refuse to do anything else and become inattentive. What’s the right answer?

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