The Journey to Amazing Starts Here

Our world’s changing at a remarkable pace, generating wondrous approaches to everyday problems. But it’s not enough. Clinics, treatments and medical systems must evolve with the pace of innovation too. They must respond to our dynamic lives and propel us forward, rather than hold us back.

— Jonathan Wright, Founder & CEO, Opya

Today, our transformation has begun with our name. We’ve evolved from Optimus Outcome to an uplifting, succinct version of ourselves called “Opya”.

Next, we’re busy developing next-generation Autism treatments. By uniting technology & care we‘re forging new pathways to greatness. Opya’s advancement is leading to streamlined, uplifting care.

We know that treatment like life can be challenging, but it’s how we do it that defines us.

See how we do it at Opya Care. Start a journey that’s truly life changing.