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BLACK Queer Autistic | Best selling award winning | GLAAD nominated Comic Writer

Black, Queer Autistic, Best selling award-winning, GLAAD nominated Comic Writer Tee Franklin.

The entire month of October is LGBTQIA+ History Month! To show our support, all month long we share stories of members of the autism community, who just so happens to be LGBTQIA+.

Today, we highlight Black, Queer, Autistic, Best selling award-winning, GLAAD-nominated Comic Writer, Tee Franklin.

Tee Franklin is a DC Comics writer of the GLAAD nominated HARLEY QUINN series that is a massive#1 hit on Amazon. Tee is the first Black woman to write the Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy comics. She is also the first Black woman writer with multiple series for Image Comics.

She is the first Black woman to write Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, she’s also the first Black woman writer with multiple series by Image Comics, and she hopes to pave the way for more marginalized comic creators. In addition to writing comics, Franklin is also a screenwriter who has over a decade of experience as a dominatrix, phone sex operator, and fetish model. A Black, Queer, mom of adult children, disabled, autistic, and a wheelchair user just bursting with personality!

A lifelong lover of horror and comic culture, Tee has observed the harm that misguided tropes and slurs can inflict on marginalized communities. For decades, the lack of diversity in entertainment spaces led to damaging stereotypes. This can only be undone through conscious action at every level.

“No matter the business or industry, the narrative can only change when we are mindful of who is (and isn’t) included in the process”. Although her experience is in popular culture and media, her message contains a simple, universal truth: if you don’t have true diversity in all elements of your organization, you are failing ALL of your customers and fans. A better world is possible when we understand the experiences of everyone in the current one.